I woke up today powerful,
I looked at the mirror,
I saw a reflection,
She looked into my eyes,
She looked through my eyes,
She looked at me,
She looked as me.
She wasn’t me.
She seemed doubtful,
She seemed scared,
She was week,
She saw me as a tear,
rolled down her from her eye
She wasn’t me as she cried.
I was me,
I was strong,
I was powerful,
Even a mountain wasn’t too tall,
But if it is true then why do I fall?
Every time I see the peak,
Every time I see the top,
Is that not my chair up there I ask?
But every time I climb,
But every time I take a step,
But every time I stick my hook into the mountains body,
I slip
I slip
I fall.
Why is the gravity not allowing me to take my seat?
Why does my skin prefer the heat.
Let me be your queen,
I shall save you,
I shell help you,
I shall take you to a place where you don’t need my help,
But why don’t you let me help you?
Why don’t you give me my crown?
I shall be better next time before I fall.
But is it not enough?
But what is enough?
But how is enough?
But am I enough?
Am I not enough?
Am I not enough to scale this mountain?
Am I supposed to scale this mountain?
This mountain is mine,
Give it to me,
I shall take it,
It is mine.

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